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Lost United Kingdom Passport Services (Adult)



United Kingdom


August 31, 2015


Applicant Must Meet Passport Renewal Qualifications:

  • Applicant is a UK citizen 16 years or older legally residing in the US, AND;
  • Applicant has lost or has had stolen their most recent UK passport

If applicant does not meet the above criteria, please review UK Passport Service options.

If applicant meets the qualifications, follow the two steps below:

Note: ItsEasy's fee for processing UK passport applications is $229. When completing the online order form below, please ensure that you indicate the applicant is a UK Citizen in order to select the correct service options. Please also note that ItsEasy's services are limited to application review and preparation for submission. New passport may be returned directly to the applicant from the UK. By proceeding, applicant understands these terms and conditions.

Note: Generally, processing time is three to four weeks, however it is not uncommon for processing to take up to two months or more. ItsEasy can not expedite these requests.


Step 1 - Gather the Following Requirements


Passport Photos

Applicant must submit two (2) identical passport photographs. These may be obtained at many Post Offices, Kinkos, Mailboxes Etc or similar locations. Poor photos are the most common reason for delay in passport issuance.

Please Note: UK passport photos MUST be 45 millimeters high x 35 millimeters wide.

Please Note: As of July 1, 2008, it is required that applicant not smile or wear glasses in photo. This is related to facial recognition software. Applicant must have someone counter sign both the application and passport photos.

> Click here to view general passport photo requirements


Proof of Travel

Applicant must submit a computer-generated itinerary from a travel agency or online booking agency showing departure from the U.S. If traveling on business and no itinerary is available, a letter on company letterhead indicating dates and purpose of travel will suffice. If applicant does not posses proper itinerary, please contact us for options.


Authorization Letter

Applicant must submit "Letters of Authorization" which allow ItsEasy Passport to submit the application to the UK Embassy. Letter MUST be signed in blue ink.

> Click here to print the Letter of Authorization


Proof of Residency

Applicant must provide a color copy of US Permanent Resident Card (aka - Green Card).


Lost or Stolen UK Passport Notification

Applicant must submit one completed Lost or Stolen Passport Notification form.

> Click here to complete the Lost or Stolen Passport Notification form


UK Passport Application

Applicant must submit one completed passport application form. Application must be completed online, printed, signed and submitted to ItsEasy with the documents above. Payment for the passport itself will be made during the application process.

DO NOT forget to sign and date the completed application once completed.

> Click here to complete the Passport Application

Step 2 - Place Order and Deliver Documents

Applicant must submit an ItsEasy order form which provides contact information, service request and payment information. Upon completion of the order form shipping or delivery instructions will be provided for the appropriate ItsEasy office.

During the order process you may be offered Document Pre-Check service. While not required, this option provides you the ability to scan and securely upload your documents for review and comment prior to sending in for processing. Having documents reviewed in advance can greatly reduce delays.

> Click here to complete the Online Order Form

After completing the online order form, you will deliver your documents as indicated and that's it!

Questions? We are here to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week: 1-866-ITS-EASY (487-3279)

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