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Reviews - ItsEasy Passport & Visa Service

Don't Just Take Our Word For It... We Couldn't Make This Stuff Up!

These are some quotes from travelers just like you. People that stumbled upon our web site one night frantically trying to find someone to help them. And as you can see, we have fanatical clients throughout the country (and even the world) who help sing our praises by sending us emails or posting reviews on sites like Yelp, Yahoo Local, Google Local, Merchant Circle and more.

Enjoy reading through some - we certainly do!

Wow. I seriously can't believe it.

ItsEasy was able to get me a passport in 2 days. Seriously awesome work. Everyone there was super helpful - I also enjoyed the fact that everytime I called, I got a real person on the phone. No pushing numbers and no sitting on hold.

Thank you guys for getting it done and helping me step by step!

Now if you don't mind, I'm going to end this review... I am officially on vacation thanks to you guys!

Jason G - Nashville, TN

It's not often I write a review, however I had to about It's Easy & Visa Services. I had a FANTASTIC experience here at It's Easy! The service was incredible. The people were wonderful! They helped me get my new passport in six hours! INCREDIBLE!

I would recommend this company to anyone requiring passport/visa needs!

JM - Yacolt, WA

This company was excellent to work with! It all started on a Sunday morning with a nice lady helping me through the easy steps. I got everything in the mail Monday a.m. and had my passport by Thursday a.m. I couldn't be happier. Excellent customer service and great auto-emails keeping you informed of your order. Thanks so much for everything!

Jamie B - Peosta, IA

I changed my name on everything as soon as my wedding was over. My husband and I just booked a trip to Jamaica and of course when I checked my passport I never changed that. I didn't have time to mail out for the passport and didn't have the time myself to drive all the way to the agency to change it same day. I google them and even called them before I payed for it and sent everything in. The second time I called I even talked to the owner David and he, and his employees, were soooo friendly and helpful. Everything went smoothly and I could even keep track of my passport progress on their website. I would use them again if I ever had to. It is 2 weeks from my trip and I have my brand new passport in my hand. Thank you guys so very much!!! You are amazing and I will recommend you to anyone and everyone. Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Jill F - MiddleBry, PA

These guys are first class! Not only are they incredibly competent, efficient, and quick, they are also very personable. I had a terrible experience recently where Fed Ex actually lost my passport, 3 days before I had to leave for Brazil on business. I originally blamed Itseasy for the mishap, and was not very friendly on the phone to them. Once we figured out what had happened though, the boss himself, and the second in command both mobilized to get me out of my mess. They spent one entire day with me, going from passport agency, to office, to consulate, just so I could get off on my trip on time. Not only was the lost passport not their fault in any way, I did not even pay for this type of super expedited service. Im still in disbelief that they were able to get everything together for me in 24 hours. On top of that, I actually enjoyed spending the day with these guys, they are funny, intelligent, pleasant guys, and were able to keep me from getting frustrated or pessimistic. I would recommend Itseasy to anyone.

Chris R - Boston, MA

I don't often take time to write these things. But these guys have blown me away. I've used them twice recently for Brazilian visas for people in my office. The turnaround (from California to N.Y.) has been 6 business days (from FedEx ship to FedEx receipt). This service saves me an incredible amount of time & makes it as easy as possible with the way they streamline the process. It is worth every penny. I had to call them in N.Y. because of an error I realized I had made, and they couldn't have been more helpful in correcting it for me. They are an invaluable service that delivers better than it promises.

Jody G - Lake Forest, CA

These people are what they claim to be. I know you're skeptical whether or not they can deliver. Let me assure you, they can!

Everyone I spoke to throughout the whole process was helpful, polite, and very professional. All I had to do was gather the documents I needed and send it all in.

Long story short: I'm headed to Brazil next week, and I previously thought I wouldn't be able to get my visa in time. Thanks so much!

Mike C - Kalkaska, MI

Really? You want more? Ok....

I just had the best experience possible with ItsEasy. I needed an urgent VISA to Brazil within the SAME day and my travel agent directed me to Its Easy. From start to finish, this was the most seamless transaction, and the team that handled my request was DELIGHTFUL. David, the owner, was there and his vision of customer service has clearly been passed down to his team. If only every encounter with a rather difficult situation could be so wonderful. Its Easy took the sting out of a rather beurocratic transaction, and pulled a rabbit out of a hat when everyone said it was impossible. Now I can catch my flight to Brazil tonight and I didn't think it would happen.

Bravo.... read no further. This place is your solution for all things VISA and Passport related.

Dianna B - Manhattan, NY

Thank you It's Easy,

I needed a Visa for Brazil in less than one week all the visa service companies told me this was impossible, I contacted It's Easy and they informed me they would help.

I followed all the instructions on their website sent my information to them on Monday and received my Visa on Thursday and flew out on Friday.

I have all ready told all my friends and business associates about It's Easy and will continue to use them in the future.

Robert A - Woodland, CA

We needed an expediter to obtain visas to China in a short period of time. I had to call several times with questionsandwas always able to talk to a real person with very little wait. After I sent in my passports, they kept me updated on line and returned the passports with the Visas 4 days later as promised. It really was easy.

Bonnie T - Brookfield, WI

This place is as good as it gets. I have been using [another company] for years and dealt with horrible, rude, crooks. Its Easy prides themselves on fixing the impossible and does it with a smile! Amazing customer service! I will never use a different company again.

Lizzy H - Manhattan, NY

My sisters and I "planned" a last minute trip to family homeland of Guyana. Unfortunately I didn't have a passport. Upon searching various rush passport services online and checking with the BBB I came upon itseasy.com. From my 1st phone call to ItsEasy my mind was put at ease. Every operator was patient and kind, even when I called at 4am! I was told EXACTLY what I had to do and received my passport 4 days later! Just got back from my trip and had a wonderful time. Thank you ItsEasy!!

Venetta S - Louisville, KY

LIFE SAVERS! I needed additional Visa pages added to my passport 28 hours before I was to leave on my trip - literally would not have been able to get back to the US without them. They were extremely friendly, helpful and professional - made me relax in what was a very panicked, last minute situation. I would recommend them for any of your needs - was just so EASY. Thank You!

Ashley W - Manhattan, NY

I have been using IT'S EASY for many, many years and I cannot possibly sing their praises loudly enough. They offer first class service, an extensive knowledge and expertise in all fields of the visa and passport
processes, and the staff is helpful, friendly, and ready to go all out to help and serve their clients. I use IT'S EASY for passport renewals, adding additional pages, and getting visas and no one does it
better. Quite frankly, I cannot imagine using any other company.

IT'S EASY is number one, they are truly exceptional.

LEE S - Manhattan, NY

I don't know how to start this. How often does anyone pull you from a fire and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat? This company is incredible and I will do anything in my power to promote them. A graduation gift to my two kids was saved for one reason. . . ITS EASY. My children found out on the 4th of July that their child passports were expired and the needed new adult passports for a departure from JFK to Paris on July 6th! I called John at It's Easy and he told me my only chance was to get to New York immediately. I changed my flight from Seattle to New York and we arrived at midnight on the 4th. They were on the phone, walking me through the process, at 2 am (the night of the 4th!!! A live person!!! Amazing). We were at the office the next morning and Ricky calmly walked us through our mission.

We went to Grand Central Station, got the necessary documents reviewed and sealed and then returned them to It's Easy. At that point, I turned all of my trust over to them. Miraculously, they got the kid's passports at 2:30 pm on the 6th, caught a cab to JFK at 3 and, easily, made our flight to Paris.

It is a rare thing to find people who take a personal interest in your welfare. I felt that throughout the process. They were clear about what needed to be done and that there was only one chance to find success here. I followed their instructions to the letter and trusted their professionalism completely. Oh, and I treated them with respect. Remember that because getting a last minute passport IS NOT EASY. Many Thanks! We had a fantastic trip.

Frank P - Bellevue, WA

Come on! Even we're getting bored of reading them at this point!

This is the first review I have ever written on line. I am now packing to go home from our international trip to Canada (which was awesome) and which could not have happened without ItsEasy. I realized my passport was lost the day before my departure, and I live in New Mexico! I called ItsEasy, and they assisted me every step of the way. I ended up calling three times that day, and they answered immediately each time. They were able to help me navigate the replacement process with appropriate documentation, and low and behold my passport arrived at a Midwest hotel even before I had arrived at the hotel, allowing me to cross the border without problems. I was fortunate to have planned a few days travel within the US prior to crossing the border which allowed time. Nevertheless, I discovered my passport missing in New Mexico on a Wednesday, and my new passport was at a rural hotel in Ohio waiting for me on Saturday morning. Thank you, and my family thanks you. It was worth the $500!

Lee S - Albuquerque, NM

Its Easy was great. They promised 48 hours to replace a stolen passport, and they delivered in 25 hours. Unbelievable. Rickey was on top of the whole process, and office provided regular updates. I could not be happier with the Team at Its Easy. They work in a high pressure environment, but they were always cheerful and helpful. Thanks for your good work.

Claude W - Arvada, CO

Let me just say that I have never written a review to yelp before for any reason whatsoever, positive or negative.

But I was so impressed with the execution at Its Easy that I thought I'd take 5 minutes out of work to write one, because they deserve it.

I have an upcoming overseas trip and my passport expires in a few weeks time. I was planning on going to the passport office in NYC on their annual "Passport Day" (no appt needed) but, amazingly, it was cancelled at the last minute when it looked like the federal gvt might shut down due to the budget standoff (April 2011).

So I went to Its Easy the following day. I worked with Rickey there. He was efficient and quickly got me through the paperwork that was required. Above and beyond being completely professional , he was friendly, cheerful and made the experience pleasant.

I paid for 6-8 day turnaround. 2 days later i got an email from Its Easy saying my passport was ready. I walked in and Rickey greeted me with a smile and a handshake and said he always likes it when he is able to get folks things faster than they expect. I actually left there smiling.

Anyhow, an unexpected pleasure out of what seemed like it was going to be an annoying errand!

Eric S - Manhattan, NY

This company does EXACTLY what they advertise. Very fast for me when I was very nervous about my VISA. Thank you for making my last minute travel opportunity a reality.

Eric L - Lebanon, OR

If you need to get anything rushed for your passport (e.g., visa for a foreign country, extra pages, etc.) call these guys. As others have written about on this site, this company delivers what they promise...period. And they promise to deliver some pretty hard to believe services.

After my assistant and I called many other places (including the country's local embassy) who claimed I simply couldn't get a visa as quickly as I needed one, these guys got me one in 24 hours.

Any questions?

Call them. They're great.

Phil A - Manhattan, NY

These guys are AMAZING. I thought I had ruined christmas when I accident destroyed my passport the night before my flight to Brussels! CALL THEM OR VISIT RIGHT AWAY, they will totally calm you down and restore your sanity. Make sure you listen to their instructions VERY carefully. It is important to follow them exactly as they say. Do it, give them a couple hundred bucks and you are back in action baby!! [Heck] yeah these guys are THE BOMB!!

Sylvie B - Johns Island, SC

My first time using a visa service and completly satisfied with it. I needed a UK visa in two days and not only were they able to get it for me but Francisco was incredibly helpful and friendly. Amazing customer service. Highly recommend.

Patricia L - Miami, FL

I used the Boston branch of It's Easy to get a tourist visa for China and was *very* impressed. This was the first time I ever used a visa/passport expeditor and I shopped around first to check out a couple of other competing agencies in downtown Boston. I went with It's Easy because their staff were, by far, the most professional that I encountered. I felt completely comfortable handing over my passport to them-- and their service even got my passport back a bit early. Will definitely use them again.

Jamie E - Seattle, WA

amazing. . .that is really all i can say. . .
48 hours before a trip to mexico, we realized i had a passport card and needed a regular passport. .. ItsEasy helped me get everything filled out and filed and because time was soo short, my passport was waiting for me at the atlanta airport!!!
they are a lifesaver!!

stacy o - Sioux Falls, SD

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