Enjoy peace of mind with our acclaimed Passport Protection Program(PPP) included, As Our Gift, with all passport services ordered NOW through January 31, 2021. Should your valid passport be lost or stolen anywhere in the world we will assist you anytime 24/7/365 to secure a replacement.

Here's how the program works:

  • Customers who order ANY passport service between now and January 31, 2021 will be automatically enrolled in the ItsEasy PPP, at no additional cost.
  • If your passport is lost or stolen anywhere in the world ItsEasy will guide you through the replacement process anytime. Our Passport Protection Program Member Support Call Center is standing by 24/7/365 to assist you.
  • Once your lost or stolen passport has been successfully reported to the Department of State, ItsEasy will reimburse you for the remaining value of the unused portion of your valid US Passport*.
  • Our PPP Member Support Team will ensure that you are prepared with the required personal documentation and properly filled out forms needed to replace your lost passport prior to your visit with an authorized Government Agency.
  • Additionally, if you require your passport replacement significantly faster than the Dept of States posted Expedited Service time frames, ItsEasy will provide one of our limited Expedited Service slots at a 30% reduction off our standard Expedited Service fee**.
  • If all the above weren't enough, the ItsEasy Passport Protection Program (PPP) also includes complimentary Passport Photos when feasible, Courtesy Passport Renewal Reminders and a 20% discount on all future ItsEasy passport & visa related services.

Plus, this offer is valid for future services! As long as your order is placed by January 31, 2021 you will enjoy the perks of the PPP regardless of when you actually apply for your passport***.

Call 866-ITS-EASY (1-866-487-3279) for more details, or place your order online right now.

The world is reopening. Claim your place in the Passport Protection Program today.

* Reimbursement value based upon the United States Department of State "base passport rate" at the time the lost/stolen passport was originally purchased.

** Expedited Service slots are subject to availability, as they are regulated by the Dept of State, and may not be available in all instances. 30% discount will be applied to ItEasy's current posted Expedited Service rates at the time the passport replacement is requested.

*** Applicant is responsible for any difference in passport or other government fees should they exist at the time of the actual passport application process.

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