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British Virgin Islands Visas: Requirements, Processing; Fast Secure Online Visa Expidite Services

British Virgin Islands Visa Overview (US Citizens)

For US citizens, no visa is required; a passport valid for at least three months is either recommended or required; please read WHTI information below regarding passports. Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (commonly known as “WHTI”) has been in effect since 2009. WHTI requires ALL travelers (including US citizens) traveling by air into the US to be in possession of a valid passport. While some destinations (such as the Bahamas) may not require you to have a passport to enter, you will encounter difficulty returning to the US without a passport. For this reason, air lines will not allow you to board an international flight in the US without a valid passport. If traveling by land or sea to Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean, US citizens must carry one of the following documents: A US passport book or US passport card A “trusted traveler” identification card, such as a NEXUS, SENTRI or FAST card An enhanced driver’s license or EDL (these have an RFID chip in the back like a passport, but only certain states issue them) Cruise ship passengers who are taking a closed-loop cruise (one that begins and ends at the same US port), may use a state-issued photo ID along with a copy of their birth certificate. Even if you are on a closed-loop cruise, it’s a good idea to have a passport book with you just in case you have to fly back unexpectedly. Additionally you should check with your cruise agent as some boats will require a passport anyway.

To obtain your British Virgin Islands Visa you will gather a list of required document and applications and deliver them to one of our offices (we offer both FedEx overnight or local office delivery options). We then work with the British Virgin Islands Embassy or consulate office to have your visa issued.

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British Virgin Islands Visa Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

British Virgin Islands tourist and business visas are issued in the US by the British Virgin Islands Embassy and British Virgin Islands consulate offices. ItsEasy can help you obtain your British Virgin Islands visas quickly by following the easy to read instructions containing all of the requirements, forms and visa application. To obtain the visa requirements, simply complete the form above and press, "Go!".

After reviewing the British Virgin Islands visa information for travel to British Virgin Islands, please feel free to contact our offices and speak to an visa specialist who can answer any remaining question you may have about British Virgin Islands travel visas.

What is a British Virgin Islands Visa?

For those who have traveled to Mexico or Europe, American passports are typically stamped by the immigration agent upon entry and authorized to stay for a period of time (typically between 30 and 90 days). For some destinations a "pre-authorization" is required. The confirmation of this pre-authorization is provided as a visa which outlines the specific approval including dates of entry, duration of stay and purpose of travel. Although pre-authorized to visit, a visa is not a guaranteed entry permit and an immigration official may, at their discretion deny entry - although this is an extremely rare occurrence.

When to Apply for British Virgin Islands Visas?

It is recommend that you apply for your British Virgin Islands visa 3 to 4 weeks before your travel date. Although the visa itself may only take a few days to process it is always best to add as much of a buffer as possible incase any issues arise during the process. If this is last minute travel - don’t worry - you’re in good hands, but give us a call to discuss your situation in detail.

What is "Visa Validity"?

Validity refers to when the visa expires. For example, a three month visa means you have three months from the date the visa is issued to enter and depart British Virgin Islands (although the actual period of stay in British Virgin Islandsmay be limited to 30 days or less. The exact validity of your visa will be written on your actual visa.

What is an "Entry" (Single / Double / Multiple)?

Single entry visas allow you to enter British Virgin Islands one time within the validity of the visa. Double entry visas allow you to enter British Virgin Islands two times within the validity of the visa. Multiple entry visas allow you to enter British Virgin Islands an unlimited amount of times within the validity of the visa.

What Is a "Visa Jurisdiction"?

Some foreign Embassies or consulates will only accept visa applications from residence within a specific area, normally determined by state.

Why Should I Use ItsEasy to Secure My British Virgin Islands Visa?

Obtaining an British Virgin Islands visa can be a cumbersome and complicated process. Using an expediting service such as ItsEasy who specialize in travel visas can provide you accurate instructions and processing times, walk you through the process, provide updates and handle problems quickly - making what is a complex issue simple. ItsEasy has been specializing in this service since 1976 and has assisted millions of travelers. We are one of the largest passport and visa services and represent some of the largest public, private and government companies in the world by handling international travel support services for their employees

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