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For over 40 years, It's Easy has operated as the leading U.S. Passport and Travel Visa Courier Service. We've helped millions of people expedite the delivery of their passports and visas in as little 24 hours. From our flagship office at Grand Central Station in New York City and locations nationwide, our team is eager to serve you anywhere you live in the USA via FedEx


US Passport Services

New US Passports

ItsEasy can expedite the delivery of U.S. passports for U.S. citizens. Passport services are available in as little as 8 hours!

Chinese Visa

Chinese Visas

Traveling for vacation, tourism or business trips, ItsEasy can expedite the delivery of your Chinese visas quickly and easily!

Brazil Visa

Brazilian Visas

Brazilian tourist and business visas can be made simple and easy - ItsEasy can expedite the delivery of your Brazil visa today!

Indian Visa

Indian Visas

Getting your Indian visa doesn't have to be hard. ItsEasy can expedite the delivery of your tourist or business visa!

How It Works


Place Order

Placing your order takes just a few minutes: you will indicate when you need your passport or visa in your hand, provide contact and shipping information, and check out with a credit card.


Send Documents

We will provide you a simple list of necessary documents, the correct passport or visa application, and a FedEx airbill so you can ship everything to us for review and processing.


Get Your Passport/Visa

Based on the services selected, we'll expedite the delivery of your passport or visa in as little as a few days to a few weeks . If there are any issues along the way, we will work with you to resolve them quickly.

Welcome to ItsEasy Passport & Visa

Founded in 1976, ItsEasy Passport & Visa Services is a U.S. Government registered passport and visa expediting company which has processed over 2 million passport and visa applications. We specialize in securing expedited U.S. passports and business and tourist visas for U.S. citizens or non-U.S. citizens residing in the United States of America. Passport and visa services are available in as little as 6 hours in some cases. For emergency passport or rush visa services, please contact our office 24 hours a day at 1-866-ITS-EASY.

Based in Grand Central Station in the heart of New York City, with retail service centers in Boston, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, and Denver, and with additional passport and visa processing centers located in key cities, ItsEasy is one of the largest and most established names in the business. We provide easy to understand passport and visa overviews, instructions and forms, as well as technology including real time order tracking, on-line chat services, automated email updating, fully dynamic website feeding off the most up-to-date requirement changes, and the highest levels of digital security available. ItsEasy has a dedicated team of specialists ready to assist you via the industry's best primary and extended hours call center at: 1-866-ITS-EASY

200 Park Ave Grand Central Station Office
ItsEasy Retail Office @ Grand Central Station NYC

Why Use ItsEasy ?

ItsEasy Passport & Visa is a Registered Agent with the U.S. State Department. That means that we can interface with the U.S. Government on your behalf for obtaining a passport: we act as your agent, allowing us to submit your passport applications on your behalf. If there is a problem with your passport application, we can interact with the U.S. Government agencies on your behalf to resolve problems and obtain your passport, usually without extra (significant) effort on your part. Like a tax accountant, we help the processes go forward, pre-review your applications to make sure they are correct before they are submitted, and provide you with the piece of mind that you have professionals on your side when requesting these important Government documents.

Expedited Passports are our speciality. Our Grand Central Station-based Passport Team are experts at getting these hand-delivered passports both in New York and in many other locations around the country using our nationwide team of processors and couriers. We also offer Concierge Services for those that wish to have 1-1 assistance from our awesome Concierge Team.

Company Leadership

David Alwadish

David Alwadish
President & CEO

Robert Curtis

Robert Curtis

Barry Collins

Barry Collins
VP, Operations

Kyle Lawrence

Kyle Lawrence
VP, Corporate

Michelle Vu

Michelle Vu
Director, Boston

Can you get an Expedited Passport on your own without a company like ItsEasy ? Post Offices do not do true Expedited Passports. Their "expedited" mail-in service is actually 2-4 weeks - and if there's a problem with your application, you can expect the delays to be considerable to resolve. If you have a trip coming up, this is definitely not the way to go! There are U.S. Government Passport Agencies located around the country. Perhaps you live near one (and perhaps you don't!). You can try to make an appointment at one of these Passport Agencies to get an expedited passport yourself - but without using ItsEasy, you face the same problem - has someone reviewed your application to make sure it is correct and ready for submission? As a Registered Agent, ItsEasy has direct access to the Passport Agencies to get your expedited passport without appointments and ... we almost forgot ... having to go yourself and wait in line!

For obtaining travel visas, ItsEasy has offices in New York and Washington, DC, key cities to obtain travel visas for just about every country you may plan to travel to. Similar to our Passport services, we review your Visa Applications to make sure they are correct before submissions (incorrect applications can cause significant delays in obtaining a visa), and we deliver your applications to the Embassies or Consulates to obtain the visas on your behalf, as your agent. We wait in line so you don't have to!

We also offer Economical Passport Renewal Processing, similar to the Post Office Passport Services, but we pre-review your applications to make sure they are correct, work with you to correct any mistakes, and we obtain your photo via our ItsEasy Passport Photo App, which saves you an extra trip to a pharmacy store to get your photo (which may not be good enough!)

ItsEasy Passport Renewal & Photo App screenshots

ItsEasy Passport Renewal & Photo App

For iPhone & Android!

  • Perfect for Passport or Visa Application Photos!
  • Take Your Photo at Home or Office
  • No running to the pharmacy to get your photo!
  • Upload Your Photos via the App
  • ItsEasy will Print Your Photo and Add Photo To Your Visa Application
  • FREE with ItsEasy Passport & Visa Orders!

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