US Passport Name Change

How to Change Your Name on a Passport Legally

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US Passport Name Change Service

Whether due to marriage, divorce, adoption or other legal reason, passports must reflect the legal and correct name of the passport holder. If the name on a passport does not match other identification or the name on airline tickets, the passport holder may experience delay or detainment upon border crossings. Therefore, it is important to update the name on passport to reflect the name change.

To change the name on a passport, the applicant must provide original name change documentation such as a marriage certificate or divorce decree. These types of documents are verified by the US State Department and then a new passport is issued with the name change. When submitting a US passport application name change, note that the original passport with the previous name will be cancelled. Any valid visas, with some exceptions, may no longer be valid. This is a downside to processing a passport name change application.

US Passport Name Change

How to Change Name on Passport

Once the name change application is submitted, the US State Department updates their records to reflect the name change. If the applicant loses their new passport with the updated name they do not need to prove the legality of the name change again as the new name has already been certified by the government.
Passport Name Change Document
Once a name change application is submitted, the applicant will be known by the new name. In order to have a passport issued in the old name (or any other name), the applicant must prove the name has been legally changed again. Otherwise, any further applications requesting a different name will be rejected. So if you
re ready to update the name on your passport, please visit the Passport Name Change Requirements page for a list of name change requirements and name change instructions and applications.

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