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Expedited Passport Renewal

If you already have a U.S. passport that is either not expired or expired less than 5 years ago, then you can get it renewed, which is a much easier process than obtaining a "New Passport".

Let's check to make sure you qualify for passport renewal:

  • The passport holder must have obtained their current passport when 16 years or older
  • Their most recent U.S. passport must have been valid for 10 years
  • Their most recent U.S. passport must be either currently valid or expired less than 5 years ago

ItsEasy can help you economically renew your U.S. passport without the higher costs of "expedited" service, but while still utilizing ItsEasy's skills and expertise to make sure your application and passport photos are done RIGHT THE FIRST TIME

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Non-Urgent travelers can get their U.S. Passport Renewed if they meet these qualifications:

  • Current U.S. Passport is either not expired, or expired less than 5 years
  • Passport holder obtained current passport when 18 years or older
  • Current U.S. Passport has a validity of 10 years

Getting your U.S. Passport Renewed economically - and more importantly, done right the first time - will save money as well as headaches by having ItsEasy pre-process your application and complete your Passport Photos to ensure that your Passport Renewal application is 100% before being sent to the Department of State for processing.

ItsEasy utilizes the Department of State's centralized passport processing system - their most economical, but slow - for those travelers planning ahead 1-2 months before their intended travel dates.

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Can I Just Go To The Post Office To Renew My Passport?

Yes, of course you can.

However, the Post Office staff will not review your DS-82 for accuracy, nor will they check your other supporting documents to ensure they all meet US Department of State requirements. Typically, you'll just hand them your packet of renewal documents and they will send it off to the DoS for processing as is.  

Every year millions of Americans utilize the services of CPAs or other tax professionals to complete their tax returns and make sure they are done correctly. Similarly, ItsEasy is your all-in-one service for passport and visa documents. Taking chances on doing your own taxes can be a risky thing. And, travel documents like getting a U.S. passport renewed is a very important job to get right the first time. 

Not to mention, passport renewals through ItsEasy can be completed 100% contact-free. That means no waiting in line at the Post Office like below. 

waiting in line at post office

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