Damaged Passports

How to replace a damaged or mutilated US passport

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Damaged Passports

Damaged US passports must be replaced in order to travel. If you have a washed passport or water damaged passport or your passport is torn, ripped, or falling apart, you will need to replace the passport prior to travel. Damaged passports or even totally mutilated passports can be replaced quickly by following our Damaged Passport Replacement instructions.

Washed Passport

Passports that appear to be damaged can cause long delays at border crossings because once the passport is damaged, it is difficult to for the immigration agent to verify if the holder of the damaged passport is who they say they are. In cases where there the passport damages affects the front cover causing a separation with the information page containing the passport picture, the agent may suspect that the original picture has been removed and replaced. The biggest fear with damaged passports is that they have been altered.
Replace Damaged Passport

Mutilated US Passports

The US State Dept does not want damaged passports out in the open due to the fact that they may be thrown out. The government wants damaged US passports replaced properly by turning in the damaged passport with a new passport application and receiving a replacement passport. In this way, the US State Department may properly dispose of the damaged passport.
Replace Mutiliated Passport
When the replacement passport is issued, a notation will be written on the amendment page of the replacement passport indicating that the replacement passport is a replacement for a damaged passport.

Replace Damaged Passport!

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