Second Passports

How to obtain a second or duplicate US passport

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Second Passports

US citizens can legally possess two passports. Yes, you can have the normal 10-year passport plus a second, limited validity passport, normally valid for 4 years. Commonly referred to as "Duplicate Passports", second passports offer the ability to travel internationally while processing a visa in the US or to visit countries who do not allow entry to passport holders with stamps from enemy countries.

Duplicate Passports

Although often called Duplicate US Passports, a second passport is not a duplicate passport. The second passport will have its own dates of issue and expiration and their own passport numbers. This is a critical difference between a second passport and a duplicate. In order to get a second passport, the applicant must prove that they are in possession of their standard 10-year passport and that they truly need the second passport. The passport application form DS-82 is the same as is used for a renewal. The US State Department prefers to limit the number of duplicate passports, so your reasons must be honest and valid - otherwise the second passport may not be issued.
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Why Get a Second Passport

The two most common reasons people request duplicate passports is due to travel within the Middle East including Israel. Many Middle Eastern countries will now allow entry to a traveler whose passport has an Israeli entry or exit stamp. Having a duplicate passport allows the traveler to enter and exit a country using one passport and then enter another country by providing the second passport. The second reason for a duplicate passport is to obtain visas to countries like China India, Brazil and Russia while traveling. By having a second passport, a traveler can travel outside of the US while leaving the second passport in the US for visa processing.

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