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ItsEasy & Passport Renewals

Passport Renewal & Photo App

The ItsEasy Passport Renewal & Photo App is perfect if you want the easiest way to renew your US Passport OR if you just need 2" x 2" passport photos for any application.
Passport Renewal & Photo App

The App offers the following features which makes it a useful and powerful tool for all passport holders:

Passport Renewal App

Renew your passport without leaving your home or office. No wasted trips to the drug store for photos or the post office. Safe, secure and confidential by ItsEasy, a Government Registered and Approved Agent. For a nominal fee, the power of this app instantly puts easy instructions, the correct government form, a secure trackable shipping label and taking passport photos at your fingertips. Simply send your signed application and passport to us with the included trackable shipping label and we will pre-check all of your documents, submit government payment, print and attach your passport photo and securely deliver your documents to the US State Department for processing. For faster passport processing options
Passport Photos

Passport Photo App

2" x 2" photos that can be used for passports, visas, state exams, licensing applications and more. Simply take a photo using your iPhone/iPad and choose the delivery option that suits you. We offer the ability to upload your photo with your passport and/or visa order, print and ship anywhere in the US or its territories or for the do-it-yourselfers, we offer instant digital delivery via email. Our qualified photo reviewers personally review each photo by hand - if there are any issues with your photo well let you know why and how to retake them.

ItsEasy Visa Widget

Use this complimentary tool to quickly learn whether you need a visa to the country you plan to visit.
Passport Renewal Reminder

Passport Renewal Reminder

Never get caught stranded! Use this complimentary service to automatically remind you when your passport is up for renewal.

Lost Passport Alert

Use this complimentary feature if you suddenly lose your passport in the US or abroad. Just press this button to learn what to do.

Lost Passport Alert

Download the passport renewal and photo app today - it's free and easy!
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Passport Photos

In the US, people regularly need obtain "passport style" photographs, which are defined as 2 inch by 2 inch, white background photographs for many reasons including applying for passports and visas, work ID badges, professional applications, etc. The following defines a US "passport photo". The photos must meet the following requirements: 2 inches by 2 inches Pale color or white background with full face, front view The photos must have been taken within the last six months If photos are digital, they must be printed at least 300 dpi Do not wear uniforms or head coverings (unless required for religious purposes) Please Note: Effective November 1, 2016 the State Department will NOT accept photos of applicants wearing glasses (except under undefined "special conditions").
Passport Photo Requirements

ItsEasy processes passport and visa applications. These applications always require the applicant to provide us with one or more passport photos. ItsEasy has created a mobile device application for iPhone and Android devices allowing people to download and install the app, take a picture of themselves or others and either:
  1. With ItsEasy Order: Submit to our service for printing and inclusion with their application. For instance, a client needs to apply for a China visa and one of the requirements is providing a passport photo as well as a printed and signed application. Most people don't have a passport photo so they would often need to go to a local photo store to have a picture taken and printed. With this option, once a client places and order with ItsEasy they are provided an order number. They then use the app to take their own picture (or have someone else take their picture) and upload it to our server referencing their order number. When we receive their documents we then print the photo in our office.

    Along the same lines, clients will often send in their documents and the photos they have included are not correct (they are blurry, not printed on photo paper, have a colored background, etc). In these cases we contact the client and let them know that we need new photos and inform them that they can download and install the app and deliver the photos to us within minutes reducing any delays in processing their application and negate the need for them to go anywhere to take photos and then ship them to us.

  2. Print & Ship Shipped: Obtaining photos without a passport or visa service order with us. As mentioned before, people need passport photos for many things that don't directly involve passport or visa services. These people would have to drive somewhere, pay between $10 and $15 to have photos taken, wait for the photos to be developed/printed and then drive home. By using the app, these people can download and install the app, take a photo and upload it to our server. We will then print the photo and mail it to the customer so they never have to leave their location. Additionally applicants can opt for digital delivery if they have a photo quality printer at their disposal providing either instant email delivery or reviewed email delivery.

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