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Visas & Passports Requirements

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0.1  Document Pre-Check

Upload scans of applications and supporting documents through ItsEasy’s secure portal for review prior to submitting. Greatly reduces delays and additional shipping charges. Serviced within 4 business hours. Additional fee per traveler of $45 for first service, $25 for each additional service. View details

Completing passport and visa applications and providing all of the correct supporting documents can be a challenge. Even a single error on a visa application can cause an application to be rejected. When we receive incorrect documents, we must contact clients and request them to send new documents. This not only delays the processing and incurs additional fees for shipping, but it can risk the overall success of the order possibly resulting in a missed trip. With Document Pre-Check, after placing your order you can upload scans of all documents, photographs, etc and an actual processing agent will review the documents and your order to ensure that everything is correct. If there are issues, the agent will provide details on what changes or additions must be made ensuring a smooth and successful transaction.

ItsEasy commits to reviewing and providing feedback within 4 business hours, Monday through Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm Eastern.

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Applicant must submit an ItsEasy order form which provides contact information, service request and payment information. Upon completion of the order form shipping or delivery instructions will be provided for the appropriate ItsEasy office. After completing the online order form, you will deliver your documents as indicated and that’s it!

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