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US Passport Applications

In order to apply for a passport, you’ll need the correct passport application. Below is an overview of the forms available.

Online US Passport Application Form Wizard

We provide all of the traditional "paper" US passport applications and supporting forms below, however these types of passport applications are slowly being phased out in favor of an online passport application wizard on the US State Departments website. As you start the wizard it will determine the proper questions and passport application form needed. The data entered is then used to create a printable passport application form which contains all information coded into a 2-D bar code. The application is still printed and must be signed in blue or black ink.
View the US Passport Application Form Wizard

DS-11 New US Passport Application Form

The DS-11 Application for New Passport is the passport application that is used when applying for a new U.S. passport or when replacing a damaged passport, a lost or stolen passport, or a passport which has expired more than five years ago. If you need a new passport urgently or also require a visa, you can expedite passport renewal as quickly as 24 hours.
Download the DS-11 Passport Application Form

DS-82 US Passport Application Form

The passport renewal form DS-82 Application Form is used for United States passport renewals or performing a legal name change for an adult passport valid for 10 years which is valid or expired less than five (5) years beyond the expiration date on the passport. When filling out the form DS-82 for Application for Passport Renewal, you will need also need to include a passport photo. It is also the same form used for second passports. If you need to renew passport urgently or also require a visa, you can expedite passport renewal as quickly as 24 hours.
Download the DS-82 Passport Application Form

DS-64 US Passport Application Form

If you cannot locate your passport and fear that it has been lost or stolen, you must report the missing passport immediately to the US Department of State. This is critical due to identity theft protection – You wouldn’t want the wrong person using your lost or stolen passport, would you? Once a DS-64 application is submitted, the passport is invalidated and reported worldwide. If you submit the form and you find your passport note that it is no longer valid and it cannot be used, you may keep if for sentimental value or return it to the US State Department.
Download the DS-64 Passport Application Form

DS-3053 US Passport Application Form

Form DS-3053, Statement of Consent or Special Circumstance for Minor Passport is used if one parent is applying for a passport for a child without the other parent being present. If one parent or guardian has sole custody, the DS-3053 form is not needed. Signature of the DS-3053 application form must be witnessed and notarized. This passport form is designed to help protect from parental child abduction.
Download the DS-3053 Passport Application Form

DS-60 US Passport Application Form

Form DS-60, Affidavit Regarding a Change of Name, is submitted with an application for a U.S. passport when the name which is used by the applicant is substantially different from that shown on the evidence of citizenship or has been adopted without formal court proceedings and was not acquired by a marriage.
Download the DS-60 Passport Application Form

DS-71 US Passport Application Form

Form DS-71, Affidavits Regarding a Change of Name, is submitted in conjunction with passport application form DS-60 from at least two persons attesting that they have known the applicant by born names and that the applicant has used the new name for all purposes for at least five years. This form may be provided in place of one of the public documents required from passport application form DS-60 if the applicant cannot obtain a third document.
Download the DS-71 Passport Application Form

DS-5504 US Passport Application Form

Application DS-5504 is utilized when applying to change the name in a passport, extend the validity of a limited passport or correct a printing error. This form may only be used within the first two years of passport issuance.
Download the DS-5504 Passport Application Form

Statement of Mutilation US Passport Application Form

If a US passport has been severely damaged or tampered with, this form must be submitted with documents required for a new passport. As part of the process of applying for replacement of a damaged passport, the applicant must indicate on this form when and how the passport was damaged.
Download Statement of Mutilation US Passport Form

Supplemental Worksheet US Passport Application Form

In rare cases, the State Department may take issue with a passport application because the information provided, the information on record, or a combination of the two show inaccuracies or the government has reason to believe the applicant may be part of, directly or indirectly, identify theft. For this reason, the State Department will request the applicant complete a Supplemental Worksheet which requires detailed information about the applicants past.
Download the Supplemental Worksheet

7 FAM 13 00 Appendix R Exhibit 1 US Second Passport Application Form

When applying for a second passport, applicants must complete this form indicate that they are aware of, and accept, the terms and conditions applied to second passports.
Download the 7 FAM 13 00 Appendix R Exhibit 1

File Search US Passport Application Form

In some cases, applicants are unable to provide proof of citizenship. This is not uncommon with applicants who need to apply for a new passport and do not have an original of their birth certificate (or the certificate is damaged or does not meet the minimum data requirements). The submission of this form, along with an additional fee of $140 (at the time of writing) will allow the applicant to submit their new passport application and the State Department will verify the applicant’s citizenship.
Download the File Search Form

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