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About Us

About ItsEasy Passport & Visa Service

Since 1976, ItsEasy has been a leading provider of passport and visa services offering processing times varying from a few hours to a few weeks, depending on your needs. As one of the oldest services in the industry, ItsEasy has some of the longest established relationships with contacts in the US and foreign governments allowing us to provide our clients with unprecedented services.

Based in New York City with service centers in Boston, Washington, DC, Houston and Denver and with additional processing centers located in key cities, ItsEasy is one of the largest and most established names in the business. We provide often imitated technology including real time order tracking, on-line chat services, automated email updating, fully dynamic web site feeding off the most up-to-date requirement changes and the highest levels of digital security available. ItsEasy has a dedicated team of specialist ready to assist you in any way they can and provides the industries only true 24/7 call center.

We understand you may be in a situation where you are worried or scared and need to rely on some random web site you came across to save you and make sure you don't miss your trip - that's why we're here. And that's why we've been here for more than 35 years.

So How Does This Whole Thing Work?
Whether you need a passport, visa or both, the basic process is the same. You gather the documents listed in our requirements section, either deliver them by hand to one of our offices or send to us using FedEx, we process the applications with the US or foreign governments and then return to you.

During the process, if you have any questions we are here to help by phone, web chat, email or in person.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!
"ItsEasy saved my life!!! Thank you so much!!!" D. Evergreen - Newton, MA

"Our family owes you big for helping us make our trip" The Hellers - Houston, TX

"Change the name to 'ItsEasy - Life Savers Extraordinaire!'" L. Coxx - Herndon, VA

"Your service has actually gotten better over the past 10 years" M. Baze - Hartsville, SC

The Specialist
"I am specialized medical professional and I work with an international medical team helping those in developing countries. I travel internationally approx 2 times per month and typically with little lead time. A recent incident in Chad required my expertise and I was provided 8 hours till wheels up. My passport had gone missing. The military escorts were able to provide little assistance except to provide me with the name of your company (apparently you can get passports faster than the military!). After contacting ItsEasy, I was able to replace my passport in 4 hours. Fantastic. In this case, your ability to perform your specialty allowed me the same."
Dr. J. Simmons - New York, NY

The Pessimist
"I realized my passport had expired 30 hours before my flight to London. I knew I was going to miss the flight. This of course also meant that I would upset people in both my company and our clients. Living in Atlanta I also knew there was no passport office anywhere near me (even though I knew they couldn't help me anyway). I succumbed to looking on the internet and found a lot of fly-by-night business promising last minute passports - but I could tell these companies were sketchy at best.

I found ItsEasy at 10:30 at night and they appeared to be legit and I decided to call and leave a message. You guys actually picked the phone up! I worked with Maria to put together a plan for renewing my passport and I had the new passport in my hand at 4pm the next day - 4 hours before my flight!

What you people do is amazing. I have since heard of others using other expediting companies with nowhere near the level of service or professionalism your team provided. Please add me to your already long list of very satisfied customers."
R. Peterson - Atlanta, GA

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