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Second Passports

US citizens can legally possess two passports. Yes, you can have the normal 10-year passport plus a second, limited validity passport, normally valid for 4 years. Commonly referred to as "Duplicate Passports", second passports offer the ability to travel internationally while processing a visa in the US or to visit countries who do not allow entry to passport holders with stamps from enemy countries.

Duplicate Passports

Although often called Duplicate US Passports, a second passport is not a duplicate passport. The second passport will have its own dates of issue and expiration and their own passport numbers. This is a critical difference between a second passport and a duplicate. In order to get a second passport, the applicant must prove that they are in possession of their standard 10-year passport and that they truly need the second passport. The passport application form DS-82 is the same as is used for a renewal. The US State Department prefers to limit the number of duplicate passports, so your reasons must be honest and valid - otherwise the second passport may not be issued.
Get a Second Passport

Why Get a Second Passport

The two most common reasons people request duplicate passports is due to travel within the Middle East including Israel. Many Middle Eastern countries will now allow entry to a traveler whose passport has an Israeli entry or exit stamp. Having a duplicate passport allows the traveler to enter and exit a country using one passport and then enter another country by providing the second passport. The second reason for a duplicate passport is to obtain visas to countries like China India, Brazil and Russia while traveling. By having a second passport, a traveler can travel outside of the US while leaving the second passport in the US for visa processing.

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Sample Requirements For Second Passport

Below is a sample set of requirements for obtaining the Second Passport Service. These requirements are only a SAMPLE. To get the EXACT requirements for your passport needs, please go to our TripBuilder page and enter in your specific information that is your exact situation.

US Second Passport Requirements

Prerequisites for Second Passport

(if the below criteria are not met, please select a different passport service above)

  • Applicant has a valid US passport is in his or her possession, AND;
  • Applicant was 16 years or older when passport was issued AND;
  • Applicant wishes to secure a duplicate, limited validity passport.

1.1  Current Passport(s)/Card

If applicant is applying for a second passport for the first time; applicant must submit current valid 10 year passport, and passport card (if applicable) in order to apply for a second passport.

If applicant is applying to extend or renew their current duplicate passport; applicant must submit both their current 10 year passport AND their current duplicate passport.

All passports submitted will be returned.

1.2  Proof of Identification

Applicant must have a driver's license or state-issued identification issued more than six months ago to apply for a new passport. Official government or military picture identification is acceptable.

1.3  Passport Photos - Complimentary

Applicant must submit two identical, 2"x2", color, passport-style photographs. is proud to exclusively offer COMPLIMENTARY passport photos through our 5-star smartphone app.
Search "ItsEasy" in the Apple App Store or Google Play. Ask for details!

Passport photos may also be obtained for $15-$25 plus time spent at many post offices and stores around town.

NOTE: Photos must be printed on photo paper. Letter or glossy paper will not be accepted.

1.4  Proof of Travel

Applicant must submit a computer-generated itinerary from a travel agency or online booking tool (such as an e-confirmation) showing departure from the U.S.

If traveling on business and no itinerary is available, a letter on company letterhead indicating dates and purpose of travel MAY suffice. If applicant does not possess proper itinerary, please contact us for options.

For Economical "2 Week" or "4 Week" Passport Renewal/Second Passport processing, "Proof of Travel" is NOT REQUIRED.

1.5  Letter of Authorization

Applicant must submit an original, signed "Letter of Authorization" which allows to submit the application to the US State Dept.

Please use the Letter of Authorization form provided by

The letter must contain the following elements: name of applicant, name of courier company, current date, and the original signature of the applicant or parent(s) or legal guardians of children under the age of 16.

1.6  Statement Regarding Need

Applicant must submit Statement Regarding Need for Second Passport.

1.7  Letter of Request

For business travel applicants, applicant must submit a letter from their company addressed to the U.S. State Department, on company letterhead, supporting the request with the clear indication of travel plans and that the second passport is required for the applicant to fulfill their job duties signed by a company official.

For tourist travel applicants, applicant must submit a hand written letter addressed to the U.S. State Department explaining why he/she is requesting a second passport. The most common requests for duplicates are due to frequent international travel and the need to obtain visas while out of the US or traveling to countries which do not approve of another countries visa or entry stamp.

1.8  Passport Application (DS-82)

Applicant must submit one completed passport application form (DS-82) by following the link below. The US State Dept website "wizard" will walk you through the application. Handwritten applications will not be accepted for expedited services. After completing passport application online, print by pressing "Create Form" button. Single-sided printing only.

DO NOT forget to sign and date the completed application in blue or black ink after printing.

Note: While completing the application, the wizard will prompt you to select fees, shipping and processing options. Select any options to complete form. No payments will be made and options selected will have no affect on the actual service delivered by The guide is simply to assist the general public in calculating fees for traditional mail-in applications.

1.9  Select Passport Service

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