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Azerbaijani Visa Services

If you need to apply for a Azerbaijani Visa, we can help you!

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Azerbaijani Visa Services

If you need to apply for a Azerbaijani Visa, we can help you!


You need a passport and a visa to enter Azerbaijan. Get your visa before you travel, and make sure the visa validity dates correspond with your travel. With limited exceptions (persons with invitations from high-ranking officials of the Government of Azerbaijan), you cannot get a visa upon arrival at an airport in Azerbaijan. Neither can you get a visa at the land borders with Georgia, Russia, Turkey, or Iran.

ItsEasy maintains the visa requirements to all countries, including azerbaijan. Use the widget above to see your particular requirements for visiting azerbaijan based upon your citizenship and state of residence in the USA.

Sample Requirements For Azerbaijan

Below is a sample set of requirements for visiting Azerbaijan using a Tourist Visa Visa. These requirements are only a SAMPLE. To get the EXACT requirements for you to visit Azerbaijan, please go to our TripBuilder page and enter in your specific information that is your exact situation.

Azerbaijan Tourist Visa Requirements

1.1  Passport

Applicant must submit their current, signed passport. Visas are stamped into a passport, therefore the original passport is required.

1.2  Photo Requirement

Applicant must submit two (2) identical, color, passport style photographs. The photos must be recent and generally should not be the same used for the passport itself.

1.3  Proof of Travel

Applicant must submit a computer-generated itinerary from a travel agency or online booking tool (such as an e-confirmation or online booking) showing departure from the US and arrival/departure for the destination.

Note, if traveling via private charter the charters manifest should suffice.

1.4  Tourist Voucher

Applicant must submit a tourist voucher obtained from a Travel Agency in Azerbaijan.

1.5  Applicants Under 18yrs

Although applicant may be submitting documents along with other family members, when submitted to an embassy or consulate, applications are treated individually. If applicant is under 18 years old, please view the following link.

1.6  Visa Application

Applicant must complete the online visa application form. A unique valid email address is needed for each visa application completed. The "Humanity validation" (CAPTCHA) may require multiple attempts. Please be patient and refresh as many times as needed to pass the validation.

After completing, print 2 copies the form, please sign on the last page of each form.

Note, the online application only works with most recent versions of Mozilla, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer.

1.7  Special Notice

Applications may require an approval from Baku, which can extend the processing time.

The Embassy of Azerbaijan is CLOSED every Tuesday and Thursday.

Azerbaijan prohibits visiting the occupied territories of the Nagorno-Karabakh region and seven adjacent districts without the explicit consent of Azerbaijani authorities. It is illegal to travel to these regions without a special permit and visa issued by the authorities of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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