Mozambican Visa Services

If you need to apply for a Mozambican Visa, we can help you!


Mozambican Visa Services

If you need to apply for a Mozambican Visa, we can help you!


Mozambique Visa Information

If you are traveling to Mozambique, you will most likely need a visa. The information below will explain a bit more about Mozambique visas and how to get them. If you are ready to get a Mozambique visa now, please visit our Mozambique Visa Order Form.

What is a Mozambique Visa?

A visa is a pre-approval from a foreign country allowing you to travel to their country. The visa is glue into your passport by the consulate. Your passport must be valid for 6 months from the return date of your trip in order to be valid for the visa. You must also have two blank visa pages for the visa. If you do not meet both of these requirements, ItsEasy can help you get a new passport in time for your trip.

U.S. citizens can travel to many countries without a visa. However, there are some countries like Mozambique that require a visa. For example, China, Russia and India.

An Example of a Mozambique Visa in a U.S. Passport
An Example of a Mozambique Visa in a U.S. Passport

An Example of a Mozambique Visa

We will submit your passport, visa application and the supporting documents to Mozambique on your behalf. Once approved the visa will be placed into your passport.

Upon arrival at the airport for your departure, you airline will make sure you have the required visa. When you arrive in Beira Airport or any other airport in Mozambique, the authorities will again review your passport and visa to make sure they are valid.

If they are not valid, you will be returned to the U.S. on the next flight.

Beira Airport in Mozambique
Beira Airport in Mozambique

How Long Are Mozambique Visas Good For?

Mozambique offers both tourist and business visas. Tourist visas are good for 30 days. Business visas are good for 90 days. You will find a link to the application and list of required documentation to apply for the visa on our web page.

What is Mozambique Visa Validity?

Visas have two time periods for validity. One for how long its valid and one for the length of stay allowed for your visit. Tourist visas are good for 30 days and you can stay up to 30 days in Mozambique. Tourist visas are only valid for single entries, multiple is not available for tourism. Business visas are good for 90 days and can be issued for either a single entry or multiple entries, but only for stays up to 30 days.

How Does Our Mozambique Visa Service Work?

ItsEasy is one of the foremost expediting companies in obtaining Mozambique visas. We can assist both U.S. citizens and non-U.S. citizens living in the U.S.

We can help you whether it’s a non-rush, rush or urgent service required for the visa. Go to our website and you will find all you need to get the Mozambique

We are registered with the Mozambique Embassy in order to submit applications for our clients.

Mozambique Embassy
Mozambique Embassy

Remember we are here to help you, whether it be for a visa or a passport.

We have a comprehensive list of requirements on our website as well as a link to the application.

We have clear and easy instructions for you to follow.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, we are here to support you!

ItsEasy maintains the visa requirements to all countries, including mozambique. Use the widget above to see your particular requirements for visiting mozambique based upon your citizenship and state of residence in the USA.

Sample Requirements For Mozambique

Below is a sample set of requirements for visiting Mozambique using a Tourist Visa Visa. These requirements are only a SAMPLE. To get the EXACT requirements for you to visit Mozambique, please go to our TripBuilder page and enter in your specific information that is your exact situation.

Mozambique Tourist Visa Requirements

1.1  Passport

Applicant must submit their current, signed passport. Visas are stamped into a passport, therefore the original passport is required. Passports must have at least six months validity remaining, and must have three blank Visa pages.

1.2  Photo Requirement

Applicant must submit two (2) identical, color, passport style photographs. The photos must be recent and generally should not be the same used for the passport itself.

1.3  Proof of Travel

Applicant must submit a computer-generated itinerary from a travel agency or online booking tool (such as an e-confirmation or online booking) showing departure from the US and arrival/departure for the destination.

Note, if traveling via private charter the charters manifest should suffice.

1.4  Confirmed Hotel Reservations

Copy of confirmed hotel reservations. Note: If staying with friends or family, a letter of invitation from the host, can be used instead of the hotel reservation. The letter should be addressed to the Embassy, Visa Section and should state the relationship to the applicant, the dates of the visit, and the address and phone number where you will be staying. Inviting party must also provide a copy of their DIRE, BI or passport.

1.5  Applicants Under 18yrs

Although applicant may be submitting documents along with other family members, when submitted to an embassy or consulate, applications are treated individually. If applicant is under 18 years old, please view the following link.

NOTE: The parental consent form must be signed by both parents, and MUST be notarized.

1.6  Visa Application

Applicant must submit one completed visa application. Original signature required. Applications should be printed single-sided and signed in blue or black ink only.

1.7  Notice Regarding Application Timing

Mozambique will not accept visa applications more than 60 days prior to your planned date of entry.

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