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Swazi Visa Services

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Swazi Visa Services

If you need to apply for a Swazi Visa, we can help you!


For US citizens a passport is required. Visas are not required for tourists and business travelers arriving in Swaziland for short visits (less than 30 days) on standard U.S. passports (valid for at least six months). Most travelers visiting Swaziland enter through South Africa. Note: Travelers to South Africa are strongly encouraged to have several unstamped visa pages left in their passports. South Africa requires two unstamped visa pages, excluding amendment pages, to enter the country. Visitors who do not have enough free visa pages in their passport risk being denied entry and returned to the U.S. at their own expense.

ItsEasy maintains the visa requirements to all countries, including swaziland. Use the widget above to see your particular requirements for visiting swaziland based upon your citizenship and state of residence in the USA.

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