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The Ivoirian government requires U.S. citizens to have a valid visa for entry into C?te d'Ivoire, as well as a passport with more than six months of remaining validity. U.S. citizens traveling to C?te d'Ivoire should check with the nearest Ivoirian embassy or consulate for details regarding the latest visa procedures and fees. A new e-visa system went into effect in February 2014. Although these e-visas are now available at the airport upon arrival, they must be requested online prior to arrival in C?te d’Ivoire. You can obtain more information by accessing the following website: http://www.snedai.com/fr/. In addition to visa and passport requirements, an international health certificate showing current yellow fever immunization is required for entry into C?te d’Ivoire. Without proof of yellow fever immunization, the traveler may be required to submit to vaccination at entry before clearing immigration, at a cost of 7,000 CFA (approximately 14 USD).

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