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How to Obtain a Chinese Visa


Chinese Tourist & Business Visas

How to Obtain a Chinese Visa


Chinese Visa Information

If you are traveling to China, you will likely need a Chinese Visa. The information below will explain a bit more about Chinese visas and how to get them. If you are ready to get a China visa now, please visit our China Visa Order Form.

What Is a China Visa?

A visa is essentially a pre-approval from a foreign government to enter their country.

Example of Chinese Visa in a U.S. Passport
An Example Chinese Visa Document in a U.S. Passport

While U.S. citizens can travel to most countries without any type of documentation, many countries like China, India, Brazil, and Russia do require a visa in advance.

After submitting the required paperwork to the Chinese Embassy in Washington, DC or one of the Chinese consulates in New York, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles or San Francisco,

Embassy of the Republic of China in Washington, DC
Embassy of the Republic of China, Washington, DC

the approved visa is inserted into your passport. If your trip is coming up soon, please see our urgent Chinese visa information

When checking in for an international flight to China, the airline will verify that you have the appropriate visa in your passport. When you arrive in Beijing, Shanghai or any other Chinese airport, immigration will review your passport and visa.

Passport and entry control in Beijing, China
Passport and Entry Control in Beijing, China

If your documents are not valid, you will be turned away and made to take the next flight out of China. If your documents meet the requirements, you will be allowed entry into China. Once in China, you are free to travel wherever you like, however any time you leave mainland China, your documents will need to be re-verified upon your return.

How Long Are Chinese Visas Good For?

Chinese visas can vary in length from 30 days up to 10 years. Generally speaking, Chinese visas issued to U.S. citizens are valid for 10 years, however they may choose to approve a shorter duration visa at their discretion. Non-U.S. citizens typically receive visas valid from three months to one year. If you need this visa quickly, please review the rush Chinese visa information.

What Is Chinese Visa Validity?

Visa validity can cover two aspects of a visa how long the visa is good for and how long the traveler can stay in the country known as "length of stay". As noted above, Chinese visas for U.S. citizens are generally valid for 10 years (with some exceptions) and the length of stay is usually 60 days per entry. This means that a U.S. citizen who is issued a 10 year Chinese Tourist Visa or Chinese Business Visa may enter China for up to 60 days at a time, as many times as they like over a 10 year period. There are limits to the number of days a non-Chinese citizen can spend in China, which is generally limited to 180 calendar days per year.

How Does Our China Visa Service Work?

ItsEasy is the leader in Chinese visa application services for international travelers based in the US. We assist travelers with US passports as well as non-US passport legally residing in the US who need to obtain visas for travel to China. The most common requests we have are for Chinese tourist visas and Chinese business visas for travelers going to China in the near future.

For those in tight situations, we offer fast China visa services. If you are really in a crunch, we offer urgent China visa services, too.

ItsEasy is registered to submit China visa applications for customers who choose not to apply in person (the Chinese Embassy and consulate offices will not accept China visa applications by mail, so applicants must either appear in person or use an approved service).

Visa Office in Embassy of China in Washington, DC
Visa Issuing Office in Embassy of China, Washington, D.C.

Our website provides you with clear and easy to follow instructions for completing the application and collecting the required documentation, not to mention that we are here to support you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year!

We do encourage you to review the requirements provided on our site which will explain the process and each item or document that is required.

We provide a helpful China Visa Application Guide which will explain how to fill out the application correctly. In recent years, the Chinese Embassy has become more strict about how the application is filled out including that it must be typed (as opposed to handwritten which they no longer accept) and no field can be left blank (blank fields must now be answered as "N/A"). The Chinese Embassy will also not accept signatures in anything other than black or blue ink.

Once we receive your documents, our Chinese visa specialists will review everything provided to ensure your application materials will process quickly and without incident. If there are any issues with your visa application to China, we will reach out to you right away to resolve the issue.

ItsEasy Visa Specialist Team
Members of the ItsEasy Chinese Visa Specialist Team

Traveling to China can be a momentous project, obtaining your China visa doesn't have to be! You can count on ItsEasy to obtain your Chinese visa!

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