Chinese Tourist & Business Visas

How to Obtain a Chinese Visa


Chinese Tourist & Business Visas

How to Obtain a Chinese Visa


Chinese Visa Information

If you are traveling to China, you will likely need a Chinese Visa. The information below will explain a bit more about Chinese visas and how to get them. If you are ready to get a China visa now, please visit our China Visa Order Form.

Below is a video that describes information about Chinese travel visas.

What Is a China Visa?

A visa is essentially a pre-approval from a foreign government to enter their country.

Example of Chinese Visa in a U.S. Passport
An Example Chinese Visa Document in a U.S. Passport

While U.S. citizens can travel to most countries without any type of documentation, many countries like China, India, Brazil, and Russia do require a visa in advance.

After submitting the required paperwork to the Chinese Embassy in Washington, DC or one of the Chinese consulates in New York, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles or San Francisco,

Embassy of the Republic of China in Washington, DC
Embassy of the Republic of China, Washington, DC

the approved visa is inserted into your passport. If your trip is coming up soon, please see our urgent Chinese visa information

When checking in for an international flight to China, the airline will verify that you have the appropriate visa in your passport. When you arrive in Beijing, Shanghai or any other Chinese airport, immigration will review your passport and visa.